‘Klaus’ or I Was Not Prepared for Sexy Santa


Klaus_001_A_MainWhen I think of Santa Claus, I think of a jolly old man with a huge gut. With his reindeer he is somehow able to pass out Christmas presents to kids all over the world in one night. What I was not prepared for was a reimagining of a beefcake Santa named Klaus in the new Grant Morrison comic. Klaus follows the story of a hunter in the woods. He carries goods on his sleigh from the woods to town when he needs to trade them for goods and services. When a wicked Baron takes over a town, Klaus learns the hard way that the Baron’s sinister ways are keeping the children in town from enjoying their Yule festivities. All their fathers are working in coal mines and the children waste away and play with rocks, while the wealthy child of the Baron breaks models of the town and ruins his own Yule presents. Klaus finds himself injured and in the snow, wondering what to do in order to help the children. He calls upon the wood spirits to assist him, and learns that he has a special set of skills when it comes to magical toy making.

Grant Morrison, I no longer know what to do with myself. I’m strangely attracted to this version of Klaus AND appreciate the fact that the writing focuses on the myths Norse roots. Like recent retellings of the Krampus myth, I find myself strangely intrigued regarding the holidays again, rather than hiding in terror from hearing “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” in it’s 8,000th incarnation. Morrison’s writing is solid and intriguing, while Dan Mora’s art is wickedly beautiful and leaves the reader wanting more.

So, no; I was not prepared for an attractive Klaus, but I can’t wait to read the next issue and am a little sad this is only a 6 issue arc.

Klaus issue #1 comes to Comic Book stores November 4, 2015.


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