Dead Vengeance #2: The Fortune Teller’s Curse


Dead Vengeance #2 CoverJohnny Dover has a problem: he’s dead. Coming back from the dead was a shocking experience for thid typically conservative fellow. It came with screams, confusion and broken memories of a past he’s not certain is his own. In Dead Vengeance Part 2 Johnny Dover travels down memory lane. From what we know, Johnny was a radio personality who came into possession of incriminating evidence against the Purple Gang. The moment he laid eyes on that information his fate was sealed: the mafia wanted him dead, and all authorities in his town were out for his blood.

Fast forward ten years and Johnny is a zombie. He does not require sustenance, brains or flesh. Johnny has only one set of goals: recover his memories, find Shapiro, and get vengeance for the murder of his wife. The trouble is…it’s hard to “fit in” when you smell of death. For a man who’s undead Johnny has quite the personality. His internal narrative drives the story of the comic and guides the reader through a maze of social injustice. Johhny has suffered…but there are moments when you wonder: has he suffered enough? Written and Drawn by Bill Morrison with art from Keith Champagne, Dead Vengeance #2 is as wild a ride as its debut issue. The art reminds me a bit of the old Archie comics with its heavy shadows, use of dark inks and vibrant colors. Indeed the art is just as gratifying as the story.

With the plot thickening and a curse that may have rendered Johnny dead the reader is driven to wonder where this tale is headed. Will Johnny recover his memories? Can the fortune teller from the carnival shed light on an unusual resurrection? Will Johnny EVER find out how he died? Don’t miss out on issue #2 of this harrowing, gut wrenching, eerie tale of life, death and vengeance. For a copy of the comic visit Dark Horse or your local comic shop November 4th.


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