‘Living in the Chelsea Hotel’ Goes Into the World of the People Who Lived There


cover71139-mediumThe infamous Chelsea Hotel was built in 1883 on 23rd Street in New York City. Famous for its artistic vibe and relaxed culture, the hotel has housed many famous residents. Sure, it was the site where Sid Vicious supposedly murdered Nancy Spungen, but it has also been home to actor Ethan Hawke, playwright Arthur Miller and beat poet Herbert Huncke. Living in the Chelsea Hotel, a group of artists and photographers write their experiences during life in the Chelsea Hotel.

While the Chelsea Hotel is now under new ownership,  hotel gathers 76 images and a variety of stories first hand from residents of the hotel, most focusing on the past 20 years. The book gathers not just facts, images and names, but emphasizes the importance of the feeling one gets from living in a place.

Living in the Chelsea Hotel is available from Schiffer Publishing November 28, 2015.



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