‘Little Door Gods’ Trailer Brings Chinese Folk Culture to Animation



Modernization and scientific learning often leads to a secularization of belief, and does away with folk faith in the unseen. Faeries, elves, and pagan gods of old are no longer as widely powerful in this world as they used to be. ‘Little Door Gods,’ an upcoming film is illustrating this issue through the perspectives of ménshén, or door gods. These spirits have traditionally manifested figures or images placed on each side of an entrance in order to guard against evil spirits. As human beings stop believing, more of them lose employment.


Beijing’s Light Chaser Animation Studios will be releasing their debut family feature ‘Little Door Gods’ with the aim to raise local Chinese animation standards, and match the quality of Pixar’s high budget CG.

‘Little Door Gods’ will be released in China on January 1, 2016.


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