13th New York Korean Film Festival Special: Veteran (2015)






During November 6-11,2015, the people of New York will be able to experience mainstream and blockbuster Korean cinematic hits on the big screen. Some of the screenings will also feature appearances by actors or directors of the movie. All of the movies will be screened at the Museum of the Moving Image.  Information on tickets and other films that will be screening can be found at their main homepage here.


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For those of you in or near the New York area, fortune falls upon you lucky citizens. The East Coast is treated to a chance to experience the recent cinematic gems of Korean cinema on the big screen. Many of the films will be making their US premiere, such as this movie Veteran .

Veteran was a blockbuster summer hit in Korea this past summer. After watching this comedy/action movie, I am even more doubly jealous of the film festival attendees that get to see this on the screen. Plus with the added bonus of having the writer/director Ryoo Seung-Wan in person for I would love to ask him so many questions. This movie is phenomenal in so many levels and stands apart from the other cop/mystery action movies that has been the current fad.

Many of the movies that have hit Koream cinema is usually highlighting the underdog versus the conglomerate or fighting against corruption; Veteran  explores both.  Seo Do-cheol is a cop who not very good on the tactful spectrum, but is solid in loyalty and justice. After finding out a comrade’s attempted suicide may been staged, Seo Do-cheol begins the long, complicated, and dangerous investigation leading to one of the most powerful and corrupt businessman out there. The movie is cinematic joy of mind melting action sequence, comedy bits, passionate moments, and just an overall adventure.

There are so many cool aspects to this film that it’s hard to pinpoint a favorite spot. The most fun was the scene as the police are chasing the Russians to through the storage containers. It’s just so much ridiculous fun. With all of that fun, there are some dark aspects to the film. Especially, the cruel and ruthless nature of the business man. There is one particular scene that got me pretty upset and it deals with the unsuspecting dog. If you needed any more proof that this man is a psycho, there it is. Why, oh why, would anyone continue to help hide his mistakes and keep him rolling in money?! Just why? His father is absolutely clueless but geez. Although the greatest weapon in this movie is not the gun or the fist, it’s social media.

What I also appreciated was the many aspects of this police corp. So often the force is maligned as incompetent or easily bribed. Which they do have in this movie but there is the other side: the ones who are loyal and devoted to their comrades.

This is one of those movies that I cannot write much without spoiling the fun. Definitely, most definitely catch this movie.


Sunday, November 8 @ 7:45 pm

Tickets and more information can be found here

[highlight color=”yellow”]With director Ryoo Seung-wan in person[/highlight]




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