Intellect Book’s ‘Crime Uncovered: Antihero’ Analyzes our Love for the Not-So-Good Guys


Cover for Crime Uncovered: AntiheroThe Punisher. Walter White. Dexter Morgan. Tony Soprano. Why do we root for the antihero? The new book Crime Uncovered: antihero, edited by Fiona Peters and Rebecca Stewart, dives into the realm of the bad guy we root for. Maybe it’s the vigilante who only goes after criminals, or the female serial killer that we adore because she assists in solving murders, but the antihero is that character that isn’t really the good guy we still find ourselves rooting for them anyway.

Crime Uncovered: antihero collects essays from writers regarding different pop culture figures and analyses them to explain why we are so fascinated with them and what they represent. One of my personal favorite essays was by Sabrina Gilchrist on the importance of Alice Morgan as a character on the BBC television show Luther. Though female sociopaths are rare in real life, the Alice Morgan character captured the attention of viewers so much that there was talk of a spinoff. One other fantastic essay focused on why viewers loved the sendoff for Walter White on Breaking Bad, but were frustrated at the ending for Dexter Morgan on the show Dexter.

Crime Uncovered: antihero is fascinating and though provoking. It causes the reader to think over their favorite novels, comic books, movies and television shows to really contemplate what it is about the antihero that interests us. If you’re well-read and well-watched, most of the book will come easily as you read; you already know the characters. However, if you’d not caught up  or have ever seen Breaking Bad, Dexter or a few other options, you may find yourself scrambling to understand what the writers are talking about.

Crime Uncovered: antihero is now available from Intellect Books.


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