SyFy Channel Greenlights New Unscripted Show ‘The Internet Ruined My Life’


Syfy-logoWe’ve all had that tweet that backfired or that Facebook post that gets a wealth of sarcastic responses. But, what happens when your post goes viral and begins tearing apart your life? We’ve seen countless cases from #GamerGate to celebrity flubs, but sometimes it hits too close to home.

SyFy Channel announced today the greenlighting of a new Unscripted Show (the fancy term for reality show) that follow people who have had their posts backfire. The Internet Ruined My Life is described as follows:

Each half-hour episode of The Internet Ruined My Life tells the real life stories of people who had posts, tweets or status updates backfire. From an innocent tweet that caused two traveling friends to be detained and suspected of potential terrorism, to a hashtag that unleashed death threats and a sniper outside a young woman’s window, to a profile picture that got transformed into a hateful meme shared by hundreds of thousands, the series tells each story through gripping first-person accounts.

The show is set to air in early 2016.


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