2015 Geekie Awards


There is absolutely an award show for geeks by geeks.  An award show that highlights the creators behind music videos, short films, costuming, podcasts, board games, video games, fashion, art, and more. By a geek-tastic panel of judges, the winners are announced at the Geekie Awards. This is the place where people don’t have to delve into a lot of backstory for their projects or explain what an emblem means. It is a wonderful space where recognition is respected and worthwhile while surrounded by the community. Even so, this event is still enjoyable to watch for those who are not of the geek-inclined.

Led by Kristen Nedopak, the Geekie Awards have been growing steadily for the past three years. This year, they expanded the venue to be held at Club Nokia in Downtown LA. With growth, definitely comes some interesting new experiences. For those not familiar with Club Nokia, it is situated in a Plaza next to the Staples Center and across from Regal Live theaters. Which makes parking an absolute nightmare and quite expensive. The space in front of Club Nokia was not quite wide enough to handle the large influx of cosplayers and red carpet attendees as they waited in the long line to walk the red carpet. The crowd were mostly likely tolerant of the wait and the heat due to the festive nature of the event. For one night, Geekie creators were able to dress up in fancy outfits (or costumes) and proudly share and show off their accomplishments for the past year.

The space inside Club Nokia was a bit award as people sat in close quarters near the stage while general admission stood for the whole ceremony. The lack of comfort for the general admission was a large upset in comparison to the previous venues. The close proximity of the bar was great for those who wanted to drink and mingle. Horrible for those who were listening to the speeches.  Overall, location was the biggest thorn in the side.
Almost like a complete  reflection of the geek community, this year featured a most awkward stage show combining the fandoms of Bill and Ted Excellent Adventure, Doctor Who, and Back to the Future.  The jokes were a bit corny, the story was wonky but it was still a stage show that would not exist anywhere the else. No matter how cringe worthy the story was, the energy and enthusiasm of the actors was contagious. Simply put: awkward but still endearing.

It was wonderful to see  Ernie Hudson hand the Overaal Acheivement to Michael C. Gross with the Lifetime Achievement Award. Michael C. Gross is a legendary feature in the community. Among his many deeds, he known for his design contributions to National Lampoon magazine and Ghostbusters logo, and also for producing Heavy Metal animated  movie and several Ghostbuster movies.

I was personally more thrilled to watch Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes.  Smith was granted the Pioneer Award. Smith is a well known figure in the geek community primarily with the movie Clerks and Dogma. He has continually created movies and produced shows whether or not it has been well received. Smith has been known to follow his voice and to just keep creating.  The most entertaining part of the whole night was watching Smith and Mewes interact a scene from Daredevil show. How it come about is in typical Smith tangents and just so much much fun to watch.

Most of the nominees I was unfamiliar with but I was ecstatic to see one of my favorite music videos chosen as the winner. The video is done by Mike Diva called Savant-Kali 47. The video has a great steampunk western vibe and is chock full of action. Well known local steampunk group, League of S.T.E.A.M. also makes a cameo in it. Although the Dark Lord of Funk was also a fan favorite in the category.

Another surprise was to see  FROZEN IS THE NEW BLACK as the winner in the trailer. The video was created by Leigh Lahav & Oren Mendez

Although it wasn’t declared a winner in the COMICS AND GRAPHIC NOVEL category, I was interested in Jill Trent, Science Sleuth. The comic aesthetic caters to my nostalgia for Nancy Drew stories with it’s 1940s style but with a bit more action from the female sleuths. More information about the comic can be found at http://www.superdamescomics.com.



More information on the winners and nominees can be found at the Geekie Award website here. Congratulations to all the winners and nominees!

Check out the behind the scenes fun with Fangirl Nation:


You can watch the complete live show on the Geekie Awards website. WARNING: The show was recorded live and there were some sound glitches. Including someone behind the scenes uttering a swear word.



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