New Documentary ‘Lucha Mexico’ Unmasks Famous Luchadors


thtouMbfKWc1zwbz0gN5ZJEvgE1qVLGAKfO_IWCLlQgWhile Americans are well-versed in the drama and chaos of our beloved RAW and WWE wrestling, our brothers and sisters to the South make us look like amateurs.  In the new documentary by Alan Hammond and Ian Markiewicz.  The film follows many famous luchadors from Mexico including The Shocker (aka 1000% Guapo), Blue Demon Jr, Hijo de Perro Aguayo (RIP) and John Strongman Andersen. Lest you think it is all women in lucha libre, the documentary also covers the lives of Sexy Star and Faby Apache; both female wrestlers would give Rhonda Rousey a run for her money.

Lucha Mexico shows the injuries, triumphs and challenges of these wrestling stars. From The Shocker’s horrific tendon injury to the actual death of Hijo de Perro Aguayo, the film pulls no punches (so to speak). When the film covered the death of Hijo de Perro, I actually found myself crying. He was a deeply beloved figure in the luchador community, and seeing his fans mourn was difficult to say the least.

While the film does show a few wrestling moves and clips from actual matches, it carefully balances these with images of the lives of these wrestlers outside of the ring. Whether it is running a restaurant, missing their children or running a gym, all the wrestlers have lives and personas outside of the ring. Blue Demon Jr. was a bit of a sad tale, as he mentioned that he had very little of a social life because he wears his luchador mask (a literal mask) for up to 16 hours a day and does not leave the house without it. The mystery is the thing for his persona. It was wonderful fascinating to see Faby Apache discuss what it’s like to be a female wrestler in a sport mostly known for its male stars.

Lucha Mexico is worth the screen time, even if you’ve never seen a lucha libre match. The individual stories are compelling, and as a whole they act as a solid primer for folks who are just learning of the sport, and a loving view for those who are long time fans.

Lucha Mexico premieres in New York today. For information on when you can see it, visit


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