Black Science #17 Where Are We Now?


Black Science #17 CoverEverything has been lost and time has moved forward. It is now seven months after Black Science #17, and memory has faded.  The previous issue was completely shocking in terms of revelations. Exposing the subtle manipulations by one of the characters made all of the drama felt even deeper. Their travels had never been a complete accident. Can one really blame that initial decision making moment–it was a chance to have the possibility of saving someone loved? If it was only at her, Rebecca’s decision would have been easier to swallow. Looking back and seeing how many times the team was close to getting home but only to be thwarted erases anysympathy.

With the shock of that issue still resonating strongly, we are begin the new arc, Black Science: Godworld, with a very different tone. It is about Grant, the ever present center character for all of the timelines. Except he has forgotten everything, even what he is supposed to be doing. By his side is a very consistently questioning companion. Except for the incessant questions from the companion, everything is quiet. Grant seems to be living his days quietly foraging. Only his nights seem to be plagued with memories. Memories from his childhood that has shaped him today.

Lest you forget who wrote this comic, this quiet does not last very long. Remender loves to keep that chaos close by to whip the reader back into a frenzy.

Not surprisingly, questions just begin to buildup over each page. Primarily what happened to the group and even more importantly, his children? With the introduction of the planet as Godworld, is Grant dead? In between planets? In between time? What happened to his memories? Is this an alternative Grant or the same Grant from the previous issue?

On a lighter and silly note, this whole issue reminded me of the scene in Labyrinth, where Sarah is given fruit by Hoggle to make her forget her memories. I almost expected to see something “break” the pages of the comic and everything float about.

So Black Science #17 begins the next arc in the story that Remender has strung us along with. The lure of the mystery and the beauty of the art is just too mesmerizing to refuse.


Black Science #17 is available at your local comic book retailer.


It just seems to fitting to close this post with “Here it Goes Again” by Ok Go.



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