‘Angel: Heroes and Guardian Angels Volume #1’


51UkZpnOpZL._SX360_BO1,204,203,200_Titan Comics has released a collection from some of the best of Angel magazine which gathers articles and interviews with fan favorites from the WB television show. While the show ran for 5 seasons before receiving the boot several years ago, there are still fans in deep mourning for both Angel and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The collection, <Angel: The Official Collection Volume 1, focuses on characters and actor interviews from past issues of the magazine. All major characters are accounted for, described, and featured, giving fans still in mourning a small bit of relief and deeper insight to their favorite actors.

The most difficult article in the collection was regarding actor Glenn Quinn. He portrayed the half-demon Doyle in the first season of the show, before having his character killed off part way through the first season. Quinn was found later that year in a hotel, presumed dead of a drug overdose. It was hard to read through that section of Angel: The Official Collection Volume 1. I found myself having to turn to another section.

Angel: The Official Collection Volume 1 is definitely a collection for fans of the television show and also fills in a few gaps for folks who did not finish watching all 5 seasons.

Angel: The Official Collection Volume 1 is now available from Titan Comics.


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