Avicii Stories A Review


Avicii StoriesThe following review is simply one fan’s opinion.

Avicii has had the occasional single that has made it onto a playlist or two but not, generally speaking, an entire album.  The instrumental version of Levels is, if you ask me, superior to the version with vocals. Not that there is anything wrong with the vocals, they are gorgeous. They just get in the way of the music.

With the latest offering, Stories, Avicii has managed to put together an entire album that seems to be spot on. Naturally some songs stand out more than others but generally each track has something to offer the listener.


Stories is one of those albums where everything works together. The vocals and the music compliment each other. There is a thoughtfulness and deliberateness to this album that comes through without taking away from the sense of effortlessness and freedom that the music speaks to.

As for individual tracks, while Broken Arrows is an excellent track and deserves the popularity it seems to have, there are underrated tracks like Trouble and Sunset Jesus that not only offer wonderful music but also lyrics that actually have something to say to the listener.

Stories has already sold 1 Million copies worldwide and listening to it I can hear why. It’s a brilliant album with more than its fair share of excellent tracks.


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