Rat Queens #13


When last we left our Queens they were trudging through a snowy landscape in an attempt to escape a demon from Hannah’s past. Despite courageous efforts and extreme determination the girls lost consciousness on a very cold, very dangerous mountain. Flash forward to the present and Betty, Hannah, Dee and Violet are all alive in Mage U. The circumstances of how they got there are a little vague but it seems one of Hannah’s former lovers whisked them away to safety. After having survived a tremendously harrowing ordeal the Queens want nothing more than to relax, right?

If there is one thing readers can expect from the Rat Queens it’s that they are almost ALWAYS looking for adventure. Thankfully, the adventure in this issue is fairly light-hearted. As a means of giving his readers some emotional coping time, Kurtis J. Wiebe paints a picture of magical excitement at Mage U. There is much to explore, much to see and a lot of learning opportunities. Each panel projects a sense of normalcy at Mage U. There are shops, bars and cats (pay CLOSE attention to panel #3 on page #11 and you’ll find an amusing anecdote on cats). Aside from markets there is also a tremendously large Library. A library that offers Dee the chance to discover whether or not there is some way she can destroy the God of her people: N’Rygoth.

As Dee, Violet and Betty take in the unique experiences at Mage U Hannah visits an old friend in search of answers to what drew her back into her past. Suffice to say there is some drama in the panels that lead up to her discovery but it is well worth the emotion. Overall this issue inspires the imagination with its richly detailed panels and vibrant personalities. If you have not read this serious I encourage you to pick up a few copies at Image Comics or to swing by your local comic shop for a peak at a series that is sure to please.


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