Review: Birthright #11


Birthright #11 Cover AThere was a little boy who was taken from his family and into a world full of magic, adventure, horror, and fate. He grew up to be a hardened man who has experienced many deaths and battles. He has returned to his family. The problem is, as far as his family is concerned, he has only been gone  ayear.

This series has exceeded and tore apart my expectations at the same time. The excitement for the series has now been a solid foundation of awe and disbelief. I have given up predicting where this story where go.

Mikey is the little boy turned warrior. We have followed him along as he strings his dumbfounded father and older brother along his quest to displace some mages that threaten both worlds. Understandably, there has been confusion and mayhem for all the characters. Things got pretty dark when his brother, Brennan, was hurt during the quest. This sucked the whimsy completely right out of the comic.

For Birthight #11, the playing fields between the brothers is even. Brennan has finally confessed to seeing the evil Lore that Mikey carried over from the other world. Mikey does not know that Brennan now also invisibly carries the Diviner, who whispers in his ear. Both brothers now have a supernatural entity using them as pawns in this deadly quest. It is becoming extremely difficult to figure out who to trust: the Diviner or Lore? This seems an odd question to ask since Lore has been purely evil up to this point. However, this issue, Mikey decides to offer a bit more back story on why he willingly carries Lore. There are still some questionable parts and this is all assuming he is telling the truth. Which is also doubtful, since this is freaking evil Lore who is manipulating Mikey. Also, I don’t fully trust the Diviners. They are pretty unforgivably brutal in their execution. Essentially both of these forces suck and I am genuinely worried about the brothers.

The issue was a complete break from before, as most of the panels are set completely in the other world. Mikey is reminiscing a certain adventure to Brennan. The adventure does show that Mikey was a compassionate boy who missed his family terribly. Was this the last moment of compassion? Was this tested or destroyed? I’m assuming yes (all right, I’m still predicting).  My fingers are pointing at the troll mentor, Rook.

Even though changing up the world view was refreshing, I have not forgotten about Rya, the pregnant winged human who is carrying Mikey’s child. Last time we saw her, she was teaming up with Mikey’s mother. This will get intense.

This whole series is just getting more intense and I am still enjoying every moment of it. Every forthcoming issue just offers teaser after teaser of impending horror. Oh yeah, this comic series is intense indeed.

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