Review: The Autumnlands #7


Autumnlands #7 CoverWe return to the fantasy land where anthropomorphic creatures are just as messed up as humans. In this land, they divide among themselves among the floating cities and those who remain on the ground. Those who live in the cities live by the way of magic and technology. They look down upon those who mine these magical sources for them, those who live with nature and abide by different rules. This division literally comes crashing down as the the greed from the mages proves too much. Now everyone is forced to face the dangers but the mages greed did bring them one boon: the emergence of the Champion, a human male.

Kurt Busiek is the writer/creating bringing this phenomenal epic fantasy comic series to Image. The Autumnlands has quickly become one of the staple of fantasy comics on the current shelves. This is a series that will bring you a fulfilling fantasy story alongside stunning artistic details. With this amazing team, the series delivers a comic that visually reads like a fantasy novel. The colors are deep, earthy, and yet vibrant. The story is unexpected and so compelling. It be quite obvious at this point how much I adore this series.  I am completely biased towards it.

The last issue was a completely explosive one (literally). The climatic battle between the Champion and the tribe led by Seven Scars resulted in a huge,chaotic, and confusing explosion. As The Autumnlands #7 begins, we are assured of the survival of many of the characters. Some of them come as a relief and others as resentment. For sure (or else there wouldn’t be a story), the Champion and Dusty have survived. They are however isolated from the safety of the Floating Cites, maing them very vulnerable to the wrath of the bison tribe. And the tribe may not be the only threat out there.

As predicted, this issue was a much a quiet issue following the chaos of the previous one. We get to learn a few more things about the personalities of the Champion and Dusty as they forge on in the forest. Frustratingly enough, the reader is teased about the past (or present) background of the Champion. One particular panel is pretty telling. It is  possibility that the mages had plucked the Champion of an futuristic human future where soldiers are fighting against robotic machines. Or he could have been a drug addled character who has been hallucinating.  The Champion has forgotten where he came from but yet he retains memory skills of bombs and fighting techniques. Gharta, the Warthog mage, had said that a Champion had been called on before. Is it the same person? Is it a different person? Who is this brutal character?

Poor Dusty. Something about the way Dusty is telling this tale or the presentation is giving me some sad foreshadowing. I will be genuinely upset if something happens to Dusty. What a genuinely nice and naive character.


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