Take Hercule Poirot’s Role in ‘Agatha Christie–The ABC Murders’ Adventure Game


Agatha Christie--The ABC Murders

Love Agatha Christie? You’re in luck!

We learned last week that Kenneth Branagh is going to tackle Agatha Christie’s famous Murder on the Orient Express. Today, publisher Microïds and developers Artefacts Studio have revealed their plans for Agatha Christie–The ABC Murders, an adventure game for XBox One, PC, and Mac. Microïds has released a short video, the first of three such, on the making of the game.

The player will take the role of Hercule Poirot to track down the ABC murderer, a killer so cocky he sends the police and Poirot notes about the killings–all done in alphabetical order. As Poirot, the player will observe the scene, question witnesses and suspects, collect clues, solve puzzle games, and use “the little grey cells” to fit the clues together.

The art shows a colorful setting, detailed enough to be immersive but not so detailed that the player is going to be lost looking for clues among a myriad tiny possible clues. Poirot looks very much himself–full, waxed mustache and all.

Looks like it will be a fun game that will challenge the mind as well. What do you think? Look forward to playing it? The book itself was quite a puzzler.

Updae: ABC Murders is now available.


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