‘Krampus’ is Coming: Your Holiday Gift Guide for the Anti-Santa


You’ve no doubt recently heard the ancient legend of Krampus. Over the past few years, the sinister assistant of St. Nick has become more and more popular in popular culture. Legend serves that those naughty children may be kidnapped my Krampus for their misdeeds, ahead of Santa Claus’ visit. Like the recent popularity of Cthulhu, this creepy figure is now on everything from ornaments, to comics, to playing cards to Ugly Christmas Sweater.

Other than the upcoming film coming out December 4, 2015, here are a few things to keep you in the spirit of Krampusnacht on December 6, 2015. The bold title for each takes you right to where you can find them:

1. Krampus in Comic Book Form



When the Santa Claus club becomes infiltrated by an evil force and lose their powers, they call upon the imprisoned Krampus to come back and save the day. A little overweight and completely caught up on Downton Abbey, Krampus isn’t exactly keen on helping. He is promised his freedom after the mission is completed, but also must wear a device to keep him from being too naughty.

2. Krampus The Devil of Christmas


Last Gasp Books is big on the return of Krampus. Their book, Krampus: The Devil of Christmas, includes not only the myths and legends of the figure, but a historical survey and vintage illustrations of the horned creature.

3. Krampus Sweater


Middle of Beyond has this delightful Sweater to remind children of what happens when they misbehave at Christmas time.  The sweater is a little bit on the pricy side, but they have several options including a Cthulu sweater.

4. Krampus Stocking


Just leave this stocking empty for bad boys and girls.

6. Krampus Soap


From the delightful Wyrdwerks comes Krampus-themed soap. This soap is made with 100% Coconut oil and has 2 different essential oil combinations:

Fjord: An invigorating blend of essential oils reminiscent of dense forest lining glacial coasts, including kelp and oils of fir, cedar, and cypress

Glogg: A Christmas blend of traditional mulling spices, warm and cozy


7. Krampus Ornament


While there are many creepy Krampus ornaments from folks like MiddleofBeyond or Archie McPhee, but this little guy from Etsy Store Wennsweirdcreations was just adorable.

8. Krampus Greeting Cards


Want to celebrate the season without sending a Christmas card? Last Gasp also has Krampus Cards for you. There are two different sets available, each with a variety of designs and envelopes.

9. Krampus Scarf


Archie McPhee refers to this as a fashion accessory and a “veiled threat” to your children.

10. Krampus Candy Canes


Want a candy that tastes like brimstone? Okay, it really tastes like smokey cinnamon.  They are available from SourpussClothing and Archie McPhee.


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