Five Items that Are Neither Star Wars Nor Avengers Tie-ins (yet)


We live in a world full of anticipation and awash with tie-ins.

Darth Vader Toothpaste

For the Sith Lord who cares

You can get up in the morning, slide out from under your Deluxe Star Wars sheets, pad into the kitchen in your Chewbacca Slippers along with your Avengers PJ’s, add some R2-D2 Coffee Mate to your Age of Ultron mug while choosing between the Avengers and Darth Vader for your breakfast cereal before brushing your teeth with a musical Iron Man Toothbrush topped with Darth Vader Minty Breeze toothpaste, pulling on your comfy Age Of Ultron t-shirt and heading out the door for a brightly-lit, tie-in-filled life.

Or you can try to avoid the madness. It will be difficult, but if you look hard enough, there are still a few items out there that remain unclaimed by either Star Wars or The Avengers. Here are five items to get you started on your journey, though all have tie-in possibilities so we advise you to get them while you can!


It’s celery.
That’s pretty much all there is to say.

1) Celery: It’s green, it’s good for you, and it can be waved at people in a menacing fashion, yet neither Yoda nor the Hulk have been brought in to endorse it. Hurry over to the grocery aisle STAT!

2) Toilet cleaner: If ever an item called for some extra Force or a bit of Iron Man’s inventiveness, it’s toilet cleaner. Yet there it sits, devoid of any claim by superhero or Sith Lord, just waiting on the shelf.

3) Antihistamines: If you believe the commercials, these things are already super-powered, pulling you from death’s door to frolicking in the fields with nary a pause, yet neither Princess Leia nor the Black Widow show even the slightest interest in adding some to their arsenal against evil.

4) Black beans: There they sit with nary a gleam of light in site, and yet Darth Vader is steering clear. Go grab a bag before he thinks of it.

5)That pot of African Violets over there. They’re lovely and they’ll make you smile, and no one has laid claim to them. Go ahead!

African Violets Still Tie-in Free after all these years!

African Violets: Incredibly, still tie-in free after all these years!


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