Dead Vengeance: Dead On Arrival


Bill Morrison, Tone Rodriguez, Keith Champagne and Carlos Badilla escalate the tale of Dead Vengeance: Dead on Arrival by solving the mystery of Johnny’s death. Johnny’s old flame, Selina: Fortune Teller Extraordinaire, divulges the true reason why Johnny feels a little “stiff” these days. The story is shocking and it sends the reader reeling into thought. Out of the flurry of mental confusion, one question remains strong: Can Johnny recover his life?

Coming back from the dead should be impossible. Since Johnny has accomplished the impossible it stands to reason that he can turn his unlife into life…right? Leaving their reader’s hanging, the writers for Dead Vengeance keep you on your toes and make you crave more of this harrowing tale of jealousy and revenge. What will happen to Johnny? Will he exact his revenge on the Purple Gang? Can he save his daughter, now a grown woman, from the evil clutches of his enemies?

Dead Vengeance is a great example of recycling a retro art style and plot line. It reminds me a lot of the old Detective comics my grand parents and parents used to read. With heavy line work, deep shadows and brilliant illustration this comic enlivens even the dreariest of situations. Check out Dead Vengeance at your local comic shop or visit the Dark Horse online store to grab a copy of this issue before it hits the grave.


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