‘This is My Design’- A Christmas List for Fannibals


List created by Victoria Irwin and Katrina Keller.

Hannibal fans are a very special breed. Known colloquially as “Fannibals,” we tend to like our music Classical, meals prepared with care and following our favorite murderer on his campaign to “Eat the Rude.”  However, there is the conundrum of what to get that special Fannibal in your life.  Have you ever searched “Murder Husbands” on Etsy? Pretty sure you get flagged by a special database. Katrina and Victoria with FangirlNation.com have done the investigative work for you. This is our design:


Meat Cleaver Earrings:


Stylish, yet a hint of macabre. These earrings can be found on Etsy store SpookyIsland for $14.  Rumor is, HotTopic.com has a similar pair for roughly the same cost if you’re stateside.

Brain Slide Coasters

While our hearts still ache from the well-preserved “slide” death of Beverly Katz, we can also appreciate these brain slide coasters from ThinkGeek.com. There are ten coasters, all in a series of printed slides that look like brain segments. No actual brains were harmed in the making of these slides; that would be rude.

Kidney Necklace:


This anatomical kidney pendant not only pairs well with a nice Chianti, it looks pretty too. Careful, these sell out quickly on mdavisstudios‘s Etsy page.

Cooking With Friends Poster


So, maybe you do picture them as Murder Husbands. This adorable print runs $30.98 at SundayDogParade. He offers multiple sizes for all your living room (or bedroom) poster needs.

Official Hannibal Deer Apron:


This apron is official merchandise from NBC, but they’ve dropped the price for Christmas (and likely to clear out stock after they abandoned the show). Currently, the apron retails for $17.97 on their website.

Hannibal Coloring Book


Adult coloring books are currently all the rage. What better way to calm you psychotic tendencies than to do a little coloring in between patient sessions. There are 12 pages to color. This is one of the less expensive options at only $6 from sweetgeek.

Engraved Hannibal Tumblers


I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t want the “Don’t Psychoanalyze Me” tumbler for drinking vodka with other people. These glasses feature the images of Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter. The set runs $23.23 from EventCapture.

Death’s Head Moth Broach


This broach references more to the good old days of Silence of the Lambs and Buffalo Bill, but it was just too cool not to include in this list. This also makes a great gift for your entomologist friends. This broach is $8.00 from SteinUmStein.

Will Graham’s Scrambled Time


Who knew that being steadily dosed with drugs that cause massive swelling to your brain could screw up your idea of how a clock works? Like the written clock tests administered to Will Graham, this watch seems to have a hard time telling time. Still, it looks great. This watch is $34.06 from YourWatchDesign.

Chocolate Skull



These chocolate skulls are almost too beautifully detailed to eat. Their creator sometimes refers to herself as Annabel Lecter. Each one is edible, but you’ll likely just want to keep it around to look at. She also does custom work. Be mindful; her work does not come cheap. You can find her work and a gallery of other items at http://www.conjurerskitchen.com/

A Flower Crown from TattleCrime.com


TattleCrime.com is a fictional website in the show Hannibal, manned by the insidious reporter Freddie Lounds. In real life, it’s a Fannibal site. One of their chief exports are homemade flower crowns. These have become a rather popular symbol among Fannibals. All the crowns are made to order and to your specification. They range in price, but usually start around $25. Even better? They help support the running of TattleCrime.com. 


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