Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest 2015: Winter in the Desert

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For those who have visited Arizona in the summer you’ll understand why so many people who attend Phoenix Comicon (the premiere comic event in Arizona each year) say that they both love and hate the experience. PCC boasts elite guests, panelists and exhibitors. It draws tens of thousands of members and it’s the hottest event of the summer. No joke: it’s HOT. The typical temperature in Phoenix, AZ by May or June is in the 100-110 range with little to no moisture. That makes for a dry, sunny and physically exhausting event.

Since many people want to attend Phoenix Comicon but dare not brave the scorching temperatures of an Arizona summer, Matt Solberg, owner and operator of Phoenix Comicon, decided last year to host a winter event. The turn out, for an inaugural year, was incredible with well over ten thousand visitors! So he decided to repeat the event this year but with a few…improvements.

Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest 2014 kept the guests and actors to B level personalities due to size constraints. This year, however, they have pulled out all of the stops with guest such as…

  • Sean Maher: FireFly
  • Karen Gillan: Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Julian Richings: Man of Steel
  • Kevin Sorbo: Hercules
  • Alaina Huffman: Supernatural
  • And many, many more!

Not big on the guests? That’s ok! Fan Fest has increased their programming this year and offers everything from cosplay meetups to BB-8 robot racing to comic Q&A. If you’re looking to party there is a Fan Fest After Dark Party on Saturday sponsored by The Blue Ribbon Army.

Here are a few things you should know about this event before attending:

  1. Most of the evening events are cashless so buy online or bring your card.
  2. Pre-Registration lines move faster than onsite purchase; buying your ticket in advance is cheaper!
  3. There are indoor and outdoor events so make sure you have something warm to wear as the temperature fluctuates between the low thirties to the low sixties.
  4. There will be a Santa onsite for families who want to add a little geekery to their holiday photos.
  5. There is a photobooth at the event where you can purchase Photo Ops with guests.
  6. Expect to be walking ALOT. This event is hosted at a sports arena so you’ll cover a lot of ground just walking to the entrance from your car.

For more information on this event and to purchase memberships visit the Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest website HERE. As usual, Sam will be there in costume taking photos and filming the event. If you want to see what she will be wearing each day (y’know, so you can find her easier and say hello) check out her website HERE. We hope to see you this weekend!


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