Mystery Girl #1 Ask a Question, Any Question!


Mystery Girl #1 CoverEver wonder where you left your keys? Or what happened to a lover who suddenly disappeared? Whether mundane or truly out of the ordinary, Trine Hampstead has the answers to all life’s mysteries. Without ever leaving her rug on the sidewalk, she answers all questions with no questions asked. No, seriously, don’t ask her how she knows all the answers.

In Mystery Girl #1, Paul Tobin does an excellent job of introducing Trine Hampstead and the central mystery of the series. Watching her interact with various characters shows her to be funny and kind. The best moment of the issue comes when she is discussing an upcoming trip to Siberia with the guy she is dating. When he questions the reality of her knowledge despite having had ample proof that her information is accurate, she doesn’t sit there quietly. At one point in the discussion she tells him it hurts when he doesn’t believe in her powers. He responds that she doesn’t believe he loves her. Like the boss that she is, Trine responds by saying “I do believe that. But, you know, I’m not required to go out with you just because you love me. That’s not how it works.” It’s the sort of moment that causes the reader to stand up and applaud. Most of the comic’s first issue is taken up introducing characters and setting up the mystery of a mammoth frozen in an unknown location in Siberia.

Alberto J. Alburquerque’s art brings Trine Hampstead and her neighborhood to life with beautifully drawn characters who have distinct and interesting faces. Marissa Louise’s color palette is vibrant, utilizing muted colors to indicate flashbacks.

The comic features a fairly bloody murder and some nudity in the context of a strip club, so it might be a bit much for younger readers. Mystery Girl #1 brings us a great character with an intriguing past and sets up just enough mystery to make the reader eager for the next issue.

Writer: Paul Tobin
Artist: Alberto Alburquerque
Colorist: Marissa Louise
Cover Artist: Alberto Alburquerque


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