‘Alabaster: The Good, The Bad, The Bird’ Continues the Caitlin R. Kiernan’s Story of Dancy Flammarion


Akabaster the good the bad and the birdFor readers of Caitlin R. Kiernan, the albino visage of Dancy Flammarion is well remembered. In issue #1 of Alabaster, Dancy is dead, but she took out a hell of a lot of monsters before she shoved off this mortal coil. In a barren hellscape, Dancy relives the last words she heard. Meanwhile, in the world of the living, two masked figures meet a man at a coffee shop for an unspecified exchange. Along the way, we have a roadkill Armadillo being picked apart by vultures.

Alabaster is weird, but if you read Kiernan you are prepared for that.  Issue #1 is deeply atmospheric and includes imagery from previous appearances of Dancy in other written works. However, if you go in without this previous experience you can still deeply enjoy this comic, but chances are you’ve probably got as warped a brain as the rest of us. Watching Dancy go through her strange experiences in the hellscape and flashback to what brought her to this state is almost too much, and deeply haunting. Mixed with brief scenes that feel like they are out of a Pulp Fiction diner, this comic is a great start.

Alabaster: The Good, The Bad, The Bird is a combination of brilliant writing from Kiernan and Daniel Warren Johnson’s artwork. The coloration from Carlos Badila is subtly and intentionally disturbing.

Alabaster: The Good, The Bad, The Bird #1 is available December 9, 2015.


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