Symmetry #1



In an age where society no longer fights; an era where the calamity of the present is reduced to nothing but history there remains only Symmetry. Symmetry focuses on a world replete with Community, Peace, Harmony and Equality. These four pillars stand as a testament to the great sacrifices of man kind to achieve a Utopian balance never before considered possible. The story is narrated by the man character: Michael. Michael presents the reader with a first person perspective of a world devoid of fear, death and love. A place where everyone is accepted and no one is forgotten. So what could go wrong?

My first impression of Symmetry was cynical speculation. I wondered how a comic with such a plot line could pique my interest. Then mother nature answered the call and created a unique plot twist that is bound to wreak havoc on the lives of those in Symmetry. What does Mother Nature do? Let me put it this way…what does a Solar Flare do to technology? And say that technology runs EVERY aspect of your life; say it’s LITERALLY embedded in you…consider the impact of a solar flare then. It’s an intriguing idea.

The art style is a bit unusual. I believe the artists are using 3D models with cell shaded painting methods to create a comic like effect. As someone who is familiar with 3D art I was able to quickly grasp this stylization…it’s not one I enjoy but it’s not one I overly dislike either. Using such a style enables the creators to have more flexibility with release dates so it’s pretty clever from a production stand point. The text is a little hard on the eyes however; the writing is superb. If you have a few minutes to spare run over to IMAGE COMICS and grab a copy of Symmetry. It’s bound to please the sci-fi and scientifically focused minds of any generation.


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