EVE: Valkyrie #2 Speaks to Its Readers on Multiple Levels


Valkyrie 2EVE: Valkyrie #2 kicks off with combat, intrigue, espionage and..cloning?!! As the mystery of the Valkyries (space faring musketeers) deepens readers will find themselves enthralled by captivating space armadas and a tapestry of interstellar colors. Brian Wood, Eduardo Francisco and Michael Atiyeh walk readers through landscapes and scenes that the Sci-Fi enthusiast would gawk at. There are panels with technological gadgetry that supersedes modern capabilities, views of planets lost to the darkness of deep space and highlights of a reality where death or dying is no longer considered a human “threat.”

That is where Valkyrie piques our interest. It’s a dialogue of humanity without death. A vision of a reality where one can be downloaded into a computer and stored for “rebirth” at a future date. Issue two touches the barest edge of immortality by sharing the science behind this tantalizing concept. Ran, Valkyrie extraordinaire and this comic’s heroine, speaks to the reader in first and third person. She explains how the world was when she was born, how it’s expanse increased as humanity explored the outer reaches of the universe and how it broke all notions of normalcy by achieving the impossible: reincarnating a person using a clone and a software download. As one of the first Valkyries Ran’s experience with her home world, their Navy and the constant threat of battle hardened her to emotion and gave her clarity on the deceit of others. She is a guide in the darkest recesses of time; a humble flame ready to roar into life as a fire when required. She is one of the few. She is one of the free. She is a Valkyrie!

Okay, okay. “Hoorah” aside this comic really speaks to its readers on multiple levels. The writer uses Ran as a vessel and provides one with a more personal view of the Valkyrie project. After this issue I must admit that I am hooked. If you find your interest is piqued buy a copy on the Dark Horse site HERE or visit your local comic book shop. There is a never a better time than the present.


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