EVE: Valkyrie #3 Holds the Reader in a Steely Vise Grip of Awe and Excitement


EVE: Valkyrie #3 Cover
December 16th will see the release of EVE: Valkyrie #3, the prelude comic to the up and coming video game EVE: Online. In Issue #2 the reader was introduced to Ran and her Valkyries and to the concept of immortality. In Issue #3, all of those concepts are rocked when an unknown enemy, one that has tracked the Valkyries to the furthest reaches of space, finds a way to offline the software that enables a Valkyries’ rebirth and threatens the very existence of Ran and her crew.

It began with a simple hit and run job. The Valkyries, now known as space pirates, were hired to stop mining production at an unmanned deep space facility. What seems like a simple job erupts into chaos with the arrival of the “Unknowns.”

Set in the steely vise grip of shock, awe and excitement: the reader will find themselves captivated by an enemy with limitless potential that generates a very difficult predicament for the Valkyries. Who are these aggressive combatants? From where do they come? How is it that they ALWAYS know when and where the Valkyries will go next? Finally: why do they want to the rebirth technology that the Valkyries so viciously protect?

Mystery, intrigue and violence: all the things that take a good story and bring it to life! Make sure to reserve a copy of the comic online at Dark Horse Comics or stroll into your local comic book shop on December 16th and pick up one the most intriguing Sci-Fi comics of the year!


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