Help Uncle Milton Toys and 20Q Create the Ultimate Marvel Trivia Toy


Uncle Milton - Avengers Tesseract 20Q - Product Image (7)

Know everything about the Marvel Universe? Uncle Milton and 20 Questions need your help. You may have come across the 20!Q for other major franchises (Star Wars, Harry Potter), but this A.I. needs some final help with the programing. Think you can stump a 20Q machine by coming up with something they haven’t thought of?:

Now fans can be part of creating this new Tesseract 20Q as they test their Marvel knowledge and see if they can outsmart 20Q! Just visit, click on the Marvel logo and follow the instructions. Think of any being, location or technology from the Marvel Universe including the Avengers, Ant-Man, and Guardians of the Galaxy, and 20Q will guess what you are thinking in 20 questions or you win! The more times you play, the smarter the artificial intelligence of the Tesseract will become. Not even the likes of Jarvis, Nick Fury, or Star-Lord are safe from 20Q’s powerful mind reading abilities.

This collaboration of the all-knowing 20Q technology and the Marvel Universe is a fitting one. The eerily precise game will leave fans scratching their heads in wonder of 20Q’s ability to guess what they are thinking.

I just tried it out and ended up coming up with someone from Guardians of the Galaxy it didn’t guess. Help make the 20Q a serious challenge.

Avengers Tesseract 20Q  comes to stores beginning in Fall, 2016.

Visit now and try to stump the amazing Marvel 20Q….you know, for Science.


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