The Cantina Scene Review: Dining With the Famous and Infamous


cover76162-mediumAlways wanted to know the way to Frank Sinatra’s heart? Any interest in what Aleister Crowley would consume before his rituals?  In Dining with the Famous and Infamous (Dining with Destiny) by Fiona Ross, readers get a chance to look into the diets and habits of famous musicians, artists, writers and movie stars. Whether you’re always wondered what Salvador Dali’s “erotically charged” meals consisted of, or who had the best recipe for hashish fudge, Fiona Ross’s highly researched book is a delicious find for fans of celebrity history and period recipes.

Dining with the Famous and Infamous divides its subjects into categories of celebrity. Artists, Writers, Actors and Musicians each have their own category to make finding specific interests easier. There’s even a section for “The Nuts,” which includes folks like the only official documented witch to work against the Nazis, Sybil Leek. Ross’s tone is conversational; it’s almost as if she’s letting you know the dirty little secrets of friends and family while cooking their favorite recipes. Think of it as outing a relative on their secret affair while baking their well-known cake recipe.

Dining with the Famous and Infamous is a great guide, whether you read it straight through or go straight for your favorite writers and musicians at your leisure. This is a great book for creating a fancy dinner or sticking to the basics of drinks and appetizers. It is ideal for a Classic Hollywood themed party or a Writer soiree.

Dining with the Famous and Infamous (Dining with Destiny) is available January 5, 2015 from Rowman and Little.


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