‘Balloon Room’ from Project UROK Has Us Facing Our Fears


So you’ve already blown through Netflix’s Making of a Murderer and are now hiding under your covers contemplating your fears of being arrested for crimes you didn’t commit… okay, maybe that’s just me.  Facing your fears is part of growing up and comedian and founder of Project UROK, Jenny Jaffe is here to help us get through it together. Jenny is terrified of the sound of balloons popping, so she interviews guest in a room full of balloons. The guests write their fears on a balloon, discuss the fear and where it came from, and then pop the balloon to help Jenny in turn get over her fear. It’s hilarious:


While currently there are only 3 episodes on their Youtube page, subscribe and you can see them as they come out. Project UROK also has a few videos on how to deal with the remainder of the holidays if you’re feeling down.

Jenny, seriously, we have deep love for you and Project UROK.


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