CANCELLED?! 5 Shows That We Were Happy to Break Up With in 2015 and 5 Shows We Are Still Mourning For


Breaking up can be hard to do. Sometimes, we viewers are excited to see a show go by the wayside. Other times, we just weren’t ready to say goodbye and our hearts are still aching. We’ve narrowed down both categories to 5 each from 2015.



5 Shows That We Were Okay Saying Goodbye To

Sometimes a great concept doesn’t quite make it all the way through to the end. Sometimes serious real life drama makes us disgusted with the actor. Either way, here are 5 we were happy to see go.

5. American Odyssey


While it was great to finally see the contributions of female soldiers on the small screen, the conspiracy theories and just blatant backhandedness of how military personnel and the US government were portrayed in this show made it difficult to watch.

4. 19 Kids and Counting


Who knew that having 19 kids would lead to at least one of them being a total dirtbag who sexually abused his sisters and/or cheated on his wife? I know, you’re shocked too. I still do kind of feel bad for Mama and Papa Duggar though.

3. Anger Management


Call me crazy, but after Charlie Sheen admitted to having HIV and a ton of unprotected sex with a great number of people, I lost any respect for him.  HIV wasn’t the problem. Being a lying sack of crap was the problem. Sorry to the cast and crew that lost their jobs on Anger Management. May you find less heinous talent to work with in the future.

2. Gracepoint


When will American TV show producers understand that sometimes BBC just does it better? Based off of the UK-wide obsession, Broadchurch, Gracepoint was intended to be the version for across the pond. Like MTV’s failure with Skins, sometimes it just takes a British touch to pull off a TV show of this type. Even our beautiful, majestic David Tennant couldn’t save it. Save your time and watch Seasons 1 and 2 of Broadchurch on Netflix.

1.  Intruders


John Simm is an International Treasure, so I will admit to being heartbroken after watching the first few episodes of BBC America’s Intruders. The storyline was strangely violent, overly convoluted, and just didn’t seem to have enough satisfying twists that also made sense. Sorry John.


5 Shows We are Still Mourning

Don your black veils and pick some flowers. Here are the 5 we’re still in mourning over.


5. Mad Men

Promotional shot from Mad Men

Promotional shot from Mad Men

It was expected, it was long since confirmed, but this gorgeously filmed and period accurate show changed the way big TV was made. Sure it was sexist as hell, but so was the time period. I will always loathe Betty Draper, but Joan is my spirit animal.

4. Selfie


Yes, the title was terrible and our beloved Karen Gillan was up against some tough Tuesday night competition, but we were not ready to delete that selfie just yet. We could have had something here.

3. Defiance


Though just 3 short years ago SyFy turned the Hard Rock Cafe in San Diego into a Defiance themed restaurant for Comic Con, they pulled the plug this year on the futuristic show set in what once was St. Louis. You will be missed. From what I hear, the video game is still online.

2. Constantine


While NBC maintains that the series was never “cancelled” per se, it was not granted a second season. Bless the CW show Arrow for giving Matt Ryan another chance to wear the coat.

1. Hannibal


What can I say, the end of this series left me in tears. It was twisted, bizarre, and insane sometimes, but the casting was perfection and Bryan Fuller’s attention to detail was everything. We’re still hoping that a Season 4 shows up.

Agree with us? Think we totally missed the mark? Let us know what you were happy to see go or what you’re still crying about in the comments below:


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