What Happens When the Hero Dies? ‘Snarky Sidekick’


When Tom Raker (Don Fanelli), super action hero ala Indiana Jones and National Treasure, drops dead of “Natural Causes,” his sidekick assumes it’s all over. Simon (Matthew Starr) knows how to book travel and hack cell phones, but doesn’t see himself as someone who can fill a hero’s shoes. Heather (Siobhan Thompson), the bookishly smart other sidekick insists they solve the final mystery that Tom was working on. The two task themselves with solving a riddle that will take them to a Native American treasure. Unfortunately, as Simon is quick to point out, everyone who searches for the treasure end up dead. Working together, and picking up assistance along the way, the two try to fill Tom’s shoes while enduring flashbacks to what he would do in the situations they encounter.

The episodes are written by Matthew Starr and some of the dialogue is laugh out loud hilarious. In the initial episode, the Medical Examiner shows Tom’s body to Simon. When he freaks out, she shows him a murder victim and then back to Tom with the phrase, “This guy? Super Murdered. Your guy? Just Dead.” Simon seems to be terrified of being the hero, but is pretty good at it nonetheless. His comment that, “I was the little paper clip to his Microsoft Word,” had me giggling and his further complaints about individual situations are great. Heather is fantastic as the bookish researcher, but I will admit I had a hard time following her at first.

The first season of Snarky Sidekick is now available on Youtube. You can watch the episodes here:


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