TOP 10 Viral Videos of 2015


It’s almost the New Year and with that comes countless lists to remind us that 2015 wasn’t all that bad. Not to mention, these lists give us the opportunity to keep procrastinating just a little bit longer. Besides, you don’t have to start working on those resolutions until the ball drops. So push off that work a little longer and enjoy our Top 10 Viral Videos from 2015.


10) This video is perfect for tickling the funny bones of parents everywhere. Plus it as an ADORABLE baby!

9) We all run into the jerks of the world from time to time and nothing makes it better then witnessing some good old karma taking place. This video had be cheering with everyone else.

8) The video that spawned thousands of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle references landed over 10 million views.

7) I don’t think I have ever seen a smoother recovery, then in this viral video from February 2015.

6) Sometimes you just need to get down to release that school stress. With over 6 million views, this video inspired many remakes.

5) The Whisper Challenge took the internet by storm. Which is no shock, because we all enjoyed our fair share of Telephone when we were younger. Besides, its hilarious when people have no idea what you are saying. This video took the challenge to a whole new level.

4) What is more adorable then the reaction of people finding out they are expecting a little one? The little one. Youtube is flooded with videos recording the adorable things kids say and do. This little guy is to adorbs for words.

3) This is by far one of my favorite videos! I’m horrible at keeping secrets, so I couldn’t imagine how hard it was to pull this off!

2) I don’t know if putting this video on the list makes me a bad person. But I am a sucker for kids coming off medication that makes them loopy. Not to mention, this kid is just so happy to have a cast.

1) The trend of time lapse videos, has us all getting the feels as we watch time pass us by. But nothing was cutter or funnier then watching these two hungry pups.



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