Review: I Hate Fairyland #3



After 27 long years of searching, patience has long since worn out.

After decades of saccharine characters full of toothy smiles, wouldn’t you want to just lay a good sucker punch through them all? I Hate Fairyland  #3 continues the nauseatingly sweet journey that Gertrude has been undertaking in her search for the way home.

Gertrude had made a silly wish, as all children do, to go to a far away land. It had started magically and happy. She was to journey through Fairyland alongside her bug companion to search for a key. Once she finds this year, she would be able to go home. Now with all the similar stories of yellow brick roads and child -like empresses in a high tower, the adventures are pretty straightforward. Characters and experiences gently guide out character to the goal and they leave the magical world a changed person. A way of re-imagining a characters journey of growth. What happens if you never find the key? And you’re stuck in the body of a young child with the mind of a middle aged person? You get DEMENTED.

With her bouncing green curls, Gertrude is a never ending killing machine. This rampaging quest has turned those smiles into frowns as the citizens of Fairyland watch it all (or just get killed ). No surprise this would piss off quite a few a people and they want her gone. Now.

Somehow,someway she can lay down hordes of creatures but not get hurt at all. Turns out, there is an explanation for that. It wasn’t just that Gertude has learned the darker side of Fairyland weaponry. There are rules to this system and Queen Cloudia finds the loophole by focusing on this little rule: visiting children from far away lands  sent on a quest cannot be harmed. Unless a second child is brought in and  retrieves the key first. Thereby, designating the first child a citizen of Fairyland and subject to all of it’s rules. Huh, Fairyland bureaucracy.

All of this is going on without Gertrude knowledge. All she knows is another child with an annoyingly chipper personality has landed in front of her.

It doesn’t end well.

For someone cannot stand gore, reading this comic is an absolute trip. Maybe the bright, happy colors on the pages numbs the reasonable side of my brain to the insane gore and bloodshed that is being brought between the panels. Maybe I can related to someone with a child-like cute face who is able to do all of these crazy killing sprees. At some point, she created a crater in the body cavity of a giant. I would be desperate to go home to at this point and will do whatever it takes.

It does me wonder. If there are actually rules and guidelines for this world, how is there not an expiration clause for her quest? What if there is no key and this was all sabotaged? Would she go back as a child with her memories intact? Would she go back at the same time as when she left or would it be years later? How would she ever function in a non-candy coated society?

Serious questions that I hope we don’t get to answer just yet. This comic is way too fun to go down that path. The story and art is an explosion of candy, silly, demensia, and hyper active murder sprees. I am thoroughly entertained. Although with how this issue ends, is the party over?


Pick up I Hate Fairyland #3 at your local comic book retailer. Just nod politely when someone makes a snide remark about you reading a child’s comic. If they only knew.





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