Ten Most Popular Cosplays of 2015


2015 became the year of many cons for me. I attended 10 comic/anime/game conventions between February and early December! That’s a record for this cosplay savant. In my time attending these conventions I began to notice a trend among cosplayers. There were certain costumes that could ALWAYS be found at a con, no matter its theme. With another year at its end here are the ten most popular cosplays of 2015…

Harley Quinn and Deadpool

I’m making these cosplays one “costume” as I could not walk a foot without seeing a pair this year. Harley has always been a fan favorite but with the new Deadpool movie coming out in 2016 there were A LOT of Deadpools roaming the con halls.



Sailor Moon

With Hulu having released Sailor Moon Crystal the excitement and fandom for this series has flooded the cosplay community. As a fellow “moonie” I have to admit that this Sailor Scout trend is TOTALLY awesome!


Pokemon Gijinka

I have determined that Pokemon is an infinite series that is slowly morphing into an intangible entity. While it goes through its metamorphosis I will admire the beautiful Pokemon Gijinka cosplays presented at conventions these days.



Star Wars Anything

Arizona alone has four Star Wars costuming groups! With the new movie release I am betting that this costume trend will only evolve into a cosplay staple.



Attack on Titan

I am all for an anime that takes mythology and modern technology then meshes them together in one REALLY epic battle. However…the ATOT crowd at conventions is serious. These folks flood cons with their maneuvering gear, green capes and complicated leg belts. It’s like watching a bunch of sports fans take over a stadium. Well I guess I should look at the bright side: at least we’ll be prepared should a Titan show up.



League of Legends

League of Legends is not a game I am all to familiar with but attend one convention and you’ll receive an earful of the graphic intensity the game exhibits. Undoubtedly the next “WOW”, LOL has taken the cosplay world by storm and with all the different skins each character boasts it’s going to be a while before this trend dies out.


Fur Kin

Fur kin, commonly known as “furries”, have frequented the cosplay scene for some time now. With new improvements to their fur suits, such as improved sight and temperature regulation, these fur folk are bound to increase in volume in the coming years.


Captain America

Captain America has taken the spotlight at conventions. Avengers, Winter Soldier and the upcoming Civil War movies have sparked intrigue and cosplay fanaticism!



Video Game cosplay is common at conventions. This year, for one reason or another, I witnessed an influx of Borderlands cosplayers. Perhaps it was in relation to the Pre-Sequel release, whatever the case it was ALOT of fun to see so many cosplayers from this series.

Image obtained from http://tinyurl.com/hjyqgbb

Image obtained from http://tinyurl.com/hjyqgbb

Mad Max

Fury Road set the precedent for post-apocalyptic cosplay. Knocking Fallout off the road, Mad Max cosplayers stormed in this year with ferocity and determination.


What cosplays did you see most frequently in 2015?


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