Dead Vengeance: Booze, Broads, Bullets and Bewitchment!


The final installment of Dead Vengeance wraps up the harrowing tale of Johnny Dover. Created by Bill Morrison, Tone Rodriguez, Keith Champagne and Carlos Badilla. Dead Vengeance offers its readers action, excitement, conspiracy, intrigue, sensuality…yeah, all that and more! It’s a great read with a lot of sub-plots that help keep the main story line on track. Johnny Dover, once an infamous radio personality, finds himself in quite the predicament. He’s dead, traversing the future and lost in a vengeance crazed haze brought on by the murder of his precious wife. As a zombie…undead…thing he discovers he cannot feel pain but his soul allows him to experience very real, very raw emotions.

The story revolves around Johnny’s revenge story. His goal: nail it to the men who took down his reputation and murdered his spouse. How does a dead man do that? He elicits the help of a fortune teller and follows the trail of greed, corruption and deceit to his target. Unfortunately, Johnny’s enemies have a leg up on him: they have his daughter Katherine. What will Johnny do now? How will he take down Bowden and his cronies without wreaking havoc on his daughter’s life? This final issue is packed with action, full of shocking resolutions and ends with a haunting truth: revenge is full of broads, bullets, booze and bewitchment!

Be sure to pick up a copy of Dead Vengeance #4 comic online at Dark Horse or stop by your local shop for the frightening solution to one of the most thrilling vengeance stories of 2016!


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