‘Hollywood Café’ Gives You a Chance to Have Coffee With Classic Movie Stars


cover76071-mediumMany of us start the day with or greet our dearest friends over a cup of coffee. In author Steven Rea’s new book, Hollywood Café, readers get a chance to flip through pictures of classic movie stars sipping on coffee between breaks, on set or during publicity tours. There are nearly 200 stars in the book ranging from Clara Bow to Marilyn Monroe. Jimmy Stewart makes a large number of appearances and quite a few actors seem to turn up as crossovers in several photographs of other celebrities.

While the book is simple to describe, and there are very few reading demands made on she that picks it up, the book is great fun to flip through while having one’s up of morning coffee. This is especially true if one has a fascination with more classic Hollywood celebrities or black and white film in general. It was also interesting to see a few stars in their younger forms, like George Hamilton, that are still alive today.

Hollywood Café is available January 28, 2015 from Schiffer Publishing. Look for it on Amazon


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