Skosh Box: A Subscription Service for People Who Love Japanese Snacks


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At the end of last year, I moved from living a few blocks from a Japanese grocery store to living in the middle of no where. While I absolutely love where I live, there are moments where I really miss being able to go grab Pocky or random savory snacks.  Thank you to the new subscription service Skoshbox for helping prevent me from having to drive over an hour to rectify this.

Skoshbox is a subscription service. Starting at $12 a month for the Skoshbox, or $20 for the Dekabox, subscribers get a box of Japanese snacks delivered to them once a month. The Skoshbox is a great collection, and the Dekabox doubles the amount your receive. The Skoshbox fits into most PO or college dorm mail boxes. Every month, subscribers are also entered for a chance to win the Otaku or the Kawaii set, which is a prize box of stuffed animals, snacks and toys.

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The Booklet

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I received my first month as a gift for my birthday and kept the service for an additional month. When I opened the box, it had an adorable crane sticker and was filled with tasty snacks. It also included a guide booklet for those of us who don’t actually read Japanese, but want to know what we’re about to eat. My favorite item included was called Umaibo: Yakitori. This was a Corn Puff stick flavored like a grilled chicken skewer. I was initially hesitant, but it was crazy delicious. There was also a set of really good chocolate cookies that looked like pandas. With that really popular “find the panda” meme on Facebook, I feel like I won!

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Umaibo: Yakitori is crazy delicious

One of the things I love with this service is they have a store where you can buy the snacks you really like and have them delivered separate from a box. That means, I can buy a box of my chicken corn snack if I really want, or relive the Japanese cherry chewy candies that I downed in 2 minutes.


You can get your subscription here:


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