Taiyou Con 2016: Anime, Cosplay and J-Culture



This weekend we’ll celebrate Taiyou Con’s 5th anniversary! As a young anime convention, this event has fought hard to keep on its toes and bring attendees only the best in anime, manga, voice acting, cosplay and j-pop/culture! Here are just a FEW of the guest slated to attend Taiyou Con January 15th – 17th, 2016:

  • Chris Sabat: Chris is known as the voice director and actor behind numerous Dragonball Z characters. He has voiced Vegeta, Piccolo, Korin, Yamcha and more for the past 15 years! Legend has it that he survives solely on a diet of Senzu beans and relies heavily on the mysterious powers of the Dragon Balls.
  • Sean Schemmel: He’s over 9000! As the lead character in the Dragonball Z series (aka Goku) Sean has battled numerous aliens, Super Saiyans and had few marital qualms with ChiChi. Sean doesn’t stop there! He also lent his talents to the new mobile Dark Knight Rises game and has voiced characters for animes over many genres!
  • Garnet Runestar: Garnet is a 9 year veteran to cosplay who is reknown for her attention to detail along with her elaborate ball gowns! Years of dedication have earned her multiple Master Division cosplay awards and a spot on Taiyou Con’s cosplay line up!

For more information on the guest’s attending Taiyou Con visit their line up HERE.

Taiyou Con will also play host to a Concert on the 15th in their Palo Verde stage where Mega Ran and Lotus Juice are scheduled to kick up the beats with the weirdest, most unique mash up of musical genres you’ve ever laid ears on!

There are also artist and exhibitor booths for the anime enthusiast to purchase chibi plushies, fan art, key chains, costumes, back packs, figurines and more!

For more information on Taiyou Con, its programming, its location and its ticket prices please visit www.taiyoucon.com. FanGirl Nation will be there with camera in hand so feel free to say hello!


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