Poison Ivy Finds Her Place in “Clubbing” from DC Super Hero Girls

Poison Ivy in "Clubbing"

The other members can’t be plants…

Poison Ivy takes the spotlight again in “Clubbing,” this week’s DC Super Hero Girls. Although she is doing well academically and–surprisingly–has done her social service, she needs to join a club–one whose members don’t rely on chlorophyll for food. This is difficult for someone who would rather be with the wallflowers.

The DC Super Hero Girls shorts give glimpses of life at the super-hero high. The show allows the girls to have a variety of character qualities, so it is free to let them have flaws as well as strengths. In this one, Wonder Woman’s perfection is kind of annoying–and that’s good. Harley Quinn is goofy and good-natured, but she’s a terrible roommate (see the third episode, “Roomies”). Poison Ivy does her community service–and cheats to win “Hero of the Month” (episode 7).

The shorts also allow for a rotating focus; each girl gets her day in the sun as does the group as a whole. Still, it would be nice if the girls had a full-length cartoon. In the meantime, the shorts draw people to the site, and serve as introductions to the dolls. These, mercifully, are fully-clothed dolls in fairly practical outfits and notably lacking super-enhanced figures.

The show is definitely aimed at a younger audience, and it is well put together, something mothers can watch with their daughters or let them watch repeatedly.

Poison Ivy considers The United Planets Club

Earth’s taken care of!


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