Alabaster: The Good, The Bad, and The Bird #2 is as Weird as You’d Think


23974With Dancy floating around a twisted afterlife in Issue #1, Alabaster: The Good, The Bad and The Bird #2 focuses on the best friend and lover she left behind. Maisie is by no means a beacon of perfection, but she’s not a bad person either. She uses her sidekick, a foul-mouthed bird, to tap into the grief of those who have recently lost a relative. Her grift as a Christian Psychic Medium is a good one, provided there are no cats in the house. Of course, this is a Caitlin R. Kiernan story, so Maisie isn’t going to get to rest and grieve a while herself. Enter a pair of twin psychotic bounty hunters. When we see them in this issue, they are naked in bed together and covered in blood. Yeah, that level of weird. The two are planning to reenact an occult ritual using a weapon of Dancy’s, even and hellhounds watch on with the expression of “well, this is a bad idea.”

Caitlin R. Kiernan is an acquired taste for some, but for others she will be just their game.  As previously expressed, if you don’t know the back story for Dancy, the comic book is going to be a bit stranger than even the regular storyline. I recommend that if you’re going to read this miniseries, you read Alabaster: Pale Horse to at least have a basis, and make sure not to skip issues in the miniseries. Dark Horse is brilliant in including a short synopsis, but one often misses the nuances with a synopsis.

As with issue one, the team of Daniel Warren Johnson and Carlos Badilla gives the artwork a haunting and strange quality. Greg Ruth’s cover for this issue makes one feel that they have been dropped in the middle of a Post-Katrina decrepit New Orleans cemetery.

Alabaster: The Good, The Bad and the Bird #2 is now available from Dark Horse Comics.


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