Taiyou Con 2016 – Magic in the Making


My first year Taiyou Con was very pleasant. There were a lot of attendees with a great deal of energy which created a very unique con experience for me. While I did have some trouble navigating registration and the programming locations (the maps were not oriented by cardinal directions) I made due and often found myself in the right place at the right time. There were so many opportunities at this event that it made it difficult to decide what I wanted to accomplish first. I was able to get an exclusive Cosplay Photoshoot with the ever so humble and talented Garnet Runestar! Garnet has nearly a decade of cosplay experience and she is a beautiful person: inside and out! Here are a few shots from our session…


I also had the pleasure of filming a few local cosplayers for a special Taiyou Con FanGirl Nation music video! The video captures the energy at Taiyou Con; I hope you all enjoy!


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