Amazing Forest #1: A Curious Collection



Anthologies are fine ways to bring artists and writers together in collaboration. The short stories are united through themes or motifs, and each one has their own original flavor to add to the collection. Amazing Forest #1 by Erick Freitas & Ulises Farinas uses love and dark twists to bring vastly different art styles, and narratives of varying strength together.

A doctor and three soldiers barricade themselves inside a tank, as telepathic slime creatures have taken over the rest of the world. A lady knight tracks a boy out of a village attacked by werewolves. A farm community sees the return of one of their soldiers in the body of a robot. A birdwatcher finds and owl with face and hands uncannily like his own.

Each tale is a curious vignette of another world, with twists reminiscent of the Twilight Zone. Conceptually the second tale was my favorite, but the last one had the strongest stylized aesthetic. I felt that artists selected for this anthology were not quite on the same level in terms of  detail and skill, which created an uneven reading experience. There are good ideas in this mixture of fantasy and science fiction, and plenty of potential.

Amazing Forest #1 is available from IDW Publishing.


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