The World of the Hunger Games Now Has Its Own Store


Whether you want to rock Katniss Everdeen’s hunting cowl or taste the coffee flavors of Peeta’s bakery, The World of the Hunger Games Store has arrived. Set up by Lionsgate, the store features clothing, accessories, coffee and action figures based on the popular movie and book franchise.


The store feels more like a place for diehard fans and those who really want a shirt that says “Capital Couture.” While the prices are what you’d probably find at Hot Topic, there are currently not that many items to choose from. Most surprising was the coffee labeled “Peeta’s Bakery.”  Wasn’t Peeta mostly known as a baker, not a coffee roaster? Now that the movies have all been in and out of theaters, it feels like a little too late for this store. I could be wrong, but the void for this fandom already seems to have been filled by Hot Topic, Etsy and Cafe Press stores.

You can shop The World of the Hunger Games here.



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