First Wonder Woman Footage Shows The Best Fighter in the DC Universe


Wonder Woman

Is it really Batman who owns the night?

We now have the first glimpse of Wonder Woman in her solo movie, scheduled for release June 23, 2017. The featurette was released last night on CW, and shows some of the Amazon training that makes her “The best fighter in the DC Universe.” As an Amazon, she has trained for war and is part of a group created to protect mankind. They have pulled back from our world, deciding it’s not worth the trouble, so she goes out to see. The featurette shows her fighting, gives a quick glimpse of Steve Trevor, and shows her trying on that most important superhero in accessory: glasses.

Much of the footage is dark, but it’s good to get a glimpse of the character and her world.

Wonder Woman as Diana Prince--in glasses

Glasses. Don’t leave home without them.


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