Faith #1 Reminds Us Why We Love Her


Faith #1 coverCalls for diversity have answered by  Valiant Entertainment. Each of their comic series feature characters from a wide range of ethnicity, species, and appearance. I first became a fan through their series, Harbinger. It featured familiar elements of a group of teenagers with supernatural or mutant abilities. That is where I first met crowd favorite, Faith Herbet a.k.a Zephyr.

Faith is seriously one of the most lovable and relatable characters in comic books. She is a complete fangirl, loves her pop culture, and is absolutely optimistic about life. She is also one of the first plus size superheroes I have seen gracing comic pages. Her ability is to fly, super strength, hearing, and all the good stuff.  By the end of the Harbinger series, Faith broke up with her boyfriend.  This is where her new spin off comic takes off.

Faith has moved to Van Nuys , California (North of Hollywood).  Her superhero ego as Zephyr is well known so she goes to work with a wig and under a different name. She has a position working on a pop culture website creating lists and such, and she is settling well into her apartment, despite the noisy neighbors. She’s even able to don her outfit and fight some petty crimes. Things just seem a bit too quiet and tame–until a seemingly simple missing persons case takes a deadly turn.

As someone who is local to area where Faith is residing, I am amused to no end. The last comic that attempted to do a series based in Los Angeles did a poor job of it, so it was nice to see the art living up to the style of the area. Reading Faith #1 reminded me why she drew me in so much. She is not only strong physically but also strong in personality. There is not self loathing of her appearance or circumstances. Faith is who she is and she keeps on living.  As a plus size person myself, this is beyond heartening. It was also refreshing not to see any negative mention of her appearance or of any need to diet.

The first issue does a great set up of who Faith is and why we should love her. I already cannot wait to see what happens next in the second issue!

Faith #1  can be picked up at your local comic book retailer.




As an extra treat: For those close to the Los Angeles area, you can meet the writer, Jody Houser this weekend!

Saturday, January 30th

12 pm- 3 pm

House of Secrets (1930 W Olive Ave, Burbank, California 91506)


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