I Hate Fairyland #4: Gushing Rivers of Blood in a Candy Landscape


I Hate Fairyland #4 Cover ArtWho hasn’t dreamed of being whisked away to a magical land where anything is possible and you don’t get hurt? A land with saccharine coated trees, the brightest color scheme your retinas have ever experienced, and magic concentrated within the very air.  Twenty nine years ago, a young girl named Gertrude was sucked into such a place. Although she landed nursing a broken arm, she was instantly healed and sent out on a quest. The quest was simple enough: locate the Key and she can return home.  She sets off with her bug companion with enthusiasm.

All of which has now waned. Twenty nine years later, she is still looking for this Key. She has aged, but only internally. So she is adorable in appearance but has the personality of a trigger happy Slappy the Squirrel. She is tired. Tired of the happiness surrounding her. Tired of all the endless riddles and games. Tired of all the light-hearted commentary as dictated by anthropomorphic creatures. She is tired of it all and wants it over now. Who can blame her for plowing through the citizens of Fairyland with machine guns, axes, explosives, and all other mayhem?

In the previous issue, the ruler of Fairlyland, Queen Cloudia met with the other Heads of Fairytale land departments to discuss the Gertude situation. In Fairyland, visitors from another world cannot be harmed at all. However, Queen Cloudia discovers an interesting loophole. If a second visitor arrives and finds the key first, then the first child  will become a citizen of Fairyland and can be punished. So we were all interested in Happy, an aptly named child who has no hesitation in blasting anything in her way with a smile. So we were left with very broken, very bloody, very much dead-looking Gertrude.

At this point, it is fairly obvious she didn’t die. As with any serious thing that happens in this comic, a poof of cigarette smoke from her companion and she is all healed. Now everything changes for our maniac hero Gertude. She was desperate before to get the Key. Now she is psychotically desperate to get it, desperate enough to seek the help of a very dark force.

With Gertrude reaching into the bottom of the barrel for help and Happy just making her way through the challenges, this is leading up to quite a situation. It would be predictable that at some point Gertrude and Happy will battle it out. Yet nothing in this series has been predictable. It has been full of silliness and illusions, but it has not predictable. Maybe both of the girls will team up to find the key? Nah. That would suggest that Gertrude is willing to be nice, a trait that she has not shown at all. Good. There are enough good girl following the rules in stories. Let’s add more colorful maniacal characters to the comic landscape. Harley Quinn is getting kinda lonely up there. Heck, I bet even Deadpool would enjoy hanging out with Gertrude. Now that’s a though. Deadpool in Fairyland. Oh, the glorious bloody mayhem.

Wherever the  direction the story is heading, please don’t let it stop. The demented and comical nature of the series fills the void left behind from the nineties cartoons. When shows like Beetlejuice, Freakazoid, Animaniacs or  Ahh! Real Monsters left, there wasn’t much else to enjoy. Until now.  Now I have Gertrude leading the charge.

Definitely this comic is not for the faint of heart or the easily offended. This is for those who are ready to love a bright, high energy comic riddled with dementia, bullet holes, dark humor, lunacy, gushing rivers of blood in a candy landscape.

I Hate Fairyland #4  is available at your comic book retailer January 2016.




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