Wayward #13 is a Supernatural Drama


Wayward #13 CoverTeenagers imbued with knowledge and great supernatural powers is pretty well worn familiar field.  With shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, comics such as X-Men or Runaways, or  series like Harry Potter,  you’d think this genre had been exhausted of new possible stories. Except this is a genre that contains one of the most emotionally volatile group of characters: teenagers. Boy, do they make a mark Wayward.

Twelve issues ago, the story began innocuously enough with Rori, a half American/half Japanese newcomer to Japan. Poor Rori doesn’t fit in, she feels alone. Trying to juggle the language and cultural barrier is pretty heavy as it is. Then, in one fateful moment she was trapped in an alley facing down some turtle-like monsters and a girl surrounded by cats helped her. Just like that, any sense of normalcy with this story was gone.

Japan  has a dense, dense, history of ghosts, monsters, stories, and superstitions. This dense history has given rise to a series of pretty amazing and insane villains. Some have been beautiful, some have been scary, but most were pretty deadly. So it looked like Rori and her ragtag group of friends were going to lead a pretty clear cut adventures story.

Rori discovers she has the power to sense patterns in the Universe. She also has a great friend who is can change from human to a pile of fighting cats and another who consumes demons for sustenance. Along the way, they gained an ally who can manipulate emotions,  one who change her molecular structure to inanimate objects, and a fox warrior. It seemed like a great powerful teenage team set out to fight against evil.

This issue points out that the dividing lines between them are not as clear cut as it seems.  Wayward is beginning to highlight a key point to this story. These are teenagers. Teenagers wielding dangerous abilities without any guidance, any mentor, or any rules. As the current issue shows, their lack of life experience is becoming a very huge problem. Some are scared but are willing to follow Rori who seems to know what she is doing. Except she’s unknowingly being controlled by the Spiders. Maybe if the group were a bit older, understood about human nature, understood caution, or morals, maybe chaos wouldn’t be reigning so supreme right now.

With their new declaration of powers as the new Gods, the teenagers have pretty created outspread chaos among humans and the old deities. The teenage gods have already killed many creatures and their focus is breaking.  The initial reason for the group getting together was to find Rori, who they had believed dead. Once she comes back, Rori hits the ground running making proclamations of change and a new beginning. They have done so much, that they must feel it was too late to stop now. Will this blindness lead them to cause further deaths? Or will they realize that once you become powerful, you can’t readily trust those around you.

Wayward  is becoming quite the supernatural drama. This would seriously make for some awesome television. Until then, pick up Wayward #13  at your local comic book store.


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