‘Codename: Baboushka’ is a Bit Campy but Fun


CodenameBaboushka04-coverEven her name strikes fear in the hearts of criminal organizations. Baboushka, a famed Russian assassin has retired with her former companion outside of Russia. With the Russian government wanting to put her and her partner to death, Contessa Anika Malikova hopes to never return home. An American spy agency happily uses this fact to blackmail the Contessa back into assassin work by threatening to reveal where she has gone to to her home government. Against her will, Baboushka comes out of retirement to kill a famous crime boss before being thrown into another mission aboard a cruise ship. She must retrieve secret data without being killed by some of the worlds most famous crime bosses or Somali pirates.

Codename: Baboushka is sexy and fun to read. The Contessa is all high fashion and murderous accessories. The men in the comic act as plot devices and eye candy, so everyone will have something to drool over. Still, many of her outfits would not last, especially in a life or death situation. I love how her character is always prepared for her work, much like James Bond. Her tiny little nesting doll bombs are my favorite of her weapons. However, I kept finding myself giggling whenever someone would say Babouska in terror, as it is the Russian name for “grandmother” or “old woman.”

Issues #1-4 of Codename: Baboushka are now available from Image Comics.


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