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Being a nerd doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy getting dolled up from time to time. Cosplayers do it all the time!

As someone who spends far too much time and money on the Sephora website, I was excited when they began to advertise their PLAY! monthly box subscription. Sephora regularly includes free samples in their shipped orders; this is my favorite part of ordering with them. Who doesn’t like a new perfume or eye shadow to play with? PLAY! is basically a box of good quality samples each month.

The first Sephora PLAY! box I received followed the theme “No Appointment Necessary.” After many of us over indulged in December, the box included a few items to give users some primping time.  The PLAY! box includes an instruction booklet, giving users instructions on how to use the individual items, and in some cases life hacks for keeping the item useable longer.

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My favorite item in the box was the disposable under eye mask.  While these varied from box to box, mine was their Rose eye mask. I immediately ripped open the package and applied them immediately. This mask was used to moisturize and improve the coloration of under eye circles. The guide book suggested wearing for 15 minutes, before returning the masks to the remaining serum in the packaging and refrigerating to use again in a couple days. Truth be told, I would have just assumed they were for one time use before seeing that instruction. I’m wearing them again as we speak for their second and final time.

I also loved the Tocca Beauty fragrance, Isabel, that was included. The scent reminded me of oranges and roses mixed together. It is very light and I’ve added it to my collection of favorite perfumes.

The Prime Style Extender spray is a game changer for cosplayers. It’s designed to spray from root to tip before you do your hair. You then style your hair however you had planned and it keeps the style up to two times longer.

The box included a topical cream called Needles No More for smoothing wrinkles. While this doesn’t yet apply to me, it is a great substitute for creepier solutions like Botox.  Clinique contributed a Chubby Highlighting stick, designed to help cover up areas that are less that great. This also is awesome for when you’re trying to highlight your cheekbones; I’ve been using it for that purpose.  The Alpha Beta Peel from Dr. Dennis Gross is another one of those things that I haven’t touched yet, but it is designed to help brighten skin.

The PLAY! kit also includes a PLAY! Pass that you can use in a local Sephora store to explain the products to you. They even offer 50 extra points to be added to your Sephora VIP card if you decide to pick up some supplies while you’re out.

As someone who works from home and lives pretty far from my nearest makeup options, I really enjoy the PLAY! Box. At only $10 a month, it’s pretty hard to beat and I feel a contender for other makeup boxes like Ipsy.

Sephora has an unboxing video as well as a copy of the PLAY! Book here: http://www.sephora.com/play-january-2016?mediaId=32500034


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