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Fangirl Nation was invited to attend the 2016 Homecoming of Avengers Academy!

Avengers Academy will an upcoming app featuring the super heroes and villains of the  Marvel universe in a fun high school setting. The game will be launching in February 2016 by TinyCo  and will be available on iOS and android devices. To help launch the game, Marvel and TinyCo threw a huge Homecoming celebration in Los Angeles!

The event most definitely had a high school atmosphere with an adult flair. As beverages and passing appetizers passed by, everyone was dancing and having a great time. Since it is a Marvel event, there were some well known cosplayers intermingling in the crowd. It was an overall amazing and surreal geek-tastic atmosphere.  Every single staff member was incredibly kind, the food was strange but delicious (shrimp quesadilla is way more delicious than it sounds), and everything was absolutely impressive.

There were fun photo booths and an ID station where we all got to declare our own super power (mine was cat shapeshifter).  Other than the side games of massive Jenga and dart booths, were the stations set up to play the games.

Of course, the minute I walked up to one the game froze and had to be restarted. The game technicians on hand were quick enough to fix it and I was right on experiencing Avengers Academy.  The game is very simple to play, mainly drag and drop features and lots of tapping. Those who are familiar enough with Sims , Farmville, or Hayday, this will be familiar grounds. There are two major draws to the game: the adorable graphics and the chance to interact with your favorite Marvel characters in another way. This is a great game to add to your collection for it’s charming fun and ease of play.

To keep tabs on when the game exactly drops, check out www.avengersacademy.com






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